One of Our Amazing Moms

May 3, 2022
Whittney Grizzle
One of Our Amazing Moms

Over the past two years of being the Director in Be Loved, I’ve gotten to meet and love life with some amazing young women.

We see girls come into the program who are in high school or have dropped out of high school. Moms who have goals and ambitions, and some who aren’t aware or can’t imagine living a life outside of chaos and poverty. One attribute all of our moms have is grit. They’ve been through a lot of hard things and they’ve overcome a lot. Not all of our moms who have been in

Be Loved can stay committed to the process, and be willing to push through the hard, taking the steps necessary in order to be lifted up out of their situation. Our heart is for us to see every mom in Be Loved succeed, but the reality is not all of them do.

I want to highlight this momma, because she has and will continue to succeed. She’s been committed to the process, is teachable, works hard, and desires personal growth. Ruby has been in Be Loved since high school, will graduate this semester from AC, and will continue on to get her BA at TWU. She is a shining example of what it looks like to have ambition and do whatever it takes to succeed.

We couldn’t be more proud of the woman that she has become, and it’s been an honor to get to walk alongside of her as she reaches her goals and dreams. When a mom reaches a goal, we celebrate them. Ruby chose to have Acai bowls at Clean Juice together. She loves one on one time, and so do I. It was the perfect little celebration. We will continue to celebrate her until she reaches the finish line!

Way to go, girl!

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