We are excited to announce a new program to help mom's in our Be-Loved program.

January 9, 2024
Jeff Parsons
We are excited to announce a new program to help mom's in our Be-Loved program.

For many of our moms, the biggest obstacle for them accomplishing their goals is their living situation. Instability caused by domestic violence, drug use, or financial instability of those they live with can disrupt their lives to a point that finding a stable place to live takes precedence over their education and career goals. This can disrupt an entire semester and put independence and stability even further away.

To address this issue, we have purchased a duplex and will design an entire program around it. Ladies living in this duplex will receive reduced rent and practical training in various life skills that will prepare them to thrive once they move into their own place. Ladies will be able to live there for up to 2 years. We will save the rent they pay to match any money they save in the bank up to $2,000.

The duplex we have purchased will require extensive renovations before we can house ladies there. We have begun a capital campaign to fund these renovations in the coming days. If you would like to help us fund these renovations, click on the link below and put the words "duplex project" in the comment box we use for business names. If you have questions about the project, feel free to contact Jeff Parsons (jeff@missionamarillo.org) or our Be-Loved Director, Whittney Grizzle at whittney@missionamarillo.org. You can also call us at (806) 553-0408.

We hope to begin housing moms late summer of this year. Both your prayers and financial support would be appreciated as we prepare to launch this new program! We will also announce what we will name this program in the coming days.


Loving our neighbor; equipping for life,

Jeff Parsons
Executive Director

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