July Newsletter

July 3, 2024
Jeff Parsons
July Newsletter
First of all, thank you to everyone who has supported Mission Amarillo through the years. We simply couldn't do what we do without the support of individuals, churches, businesses, and civic organizations in our community. There's a lot going on here right now. Take a look:

* Our shoe closet gave away 1,607 pairs of shoes last school year, the second most in the 14 year history of the shoe closet! We hope to collect another 250-300 pairs of shoes this summer so we can meet the high demand we expect this August.

* We have purchased and will soon begin renovations of a duplex to give some of our moms in Be-Loved a more stable living situation so they can focus on their future rather than just survive the present.

* Our Be-Loved program continues to mentor young moms. We celebrated one of our moms getting into nursing school late last week and continue to be amazed at the sacrifice some of our mentors are willing to endure to help our moms succeed.

* We are in the process of enrolling a new group of kids into our ParentChild+ program and have several referrals we're following up on. Home visits to these families should begin in late September or early October. *

* We completed another 365 Dad class in May and have 5 young men in mentoring at this time. *

* On June 27, we began financial management training through the Chalmers Center (the people who wrote When Helping Hurts). We will have all the people in Be-Loved and 365 Dad go through this training and will accept referrals from area agencies to form a class. As you can see, we have a lot going on!

We do all this with 2 full time and three part time employees. When you give money to Mission Amarillo, you can trust that it's being used to help the people in our programs and better equip our staff and mentors. Currently, Mission Amarillo is supported by monthly donations from area churches and individuals, our annual Spring fundraiser, FamFest, and through The Panhandle Gives, conducted by the Amarillo Area Foundation, which begins the Monday before Thanksgiving and ends on Giving Tuesday each year. In order for us to continue to provide the services we do, we must seek additional funding occasionally. Currently, we are stable financially, but need to address the increased budget our programs require now rather than wait until there's a potential problem in the future.

To do this, I'd like to ask you to consider some options in your support:

1. Consider becoming a monthly donor to Mission Amarillo. Having monthly donors gives us a stable funding base we can count on and helps us make wise decisions that benefit our programs and those in them the most.

2. If you can't become a monthly donor, consider making a one time donation to Mission Amarillo. One time donations are always important in the life of any non profit and we always appreciate getting them.

3. Participate in The Panhandle Gives November 25-December 3 this year. When you give to us through The Panhandle Gives, you give access to a percentage of a bonus pool they have available each year. Last year, we raised nearly $5,000 in bonus funds!

We understand that your budget will only stretch so far, so if you can only consider one of these options, please give through The Panhandle Gives to make your donation worth even more. If you're able to consider more than one of these options, we would appreciate you doing so. Just click the link at the bottom of this newsletter to reach our donor page.

Last of all, if you know someone who doesn't receive this email, feel free to forward it to them. It is also available on the blog page at our website, www.missionamarillo.org. A link to the blog can be found on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, as well.

Thank you again for all you do to make Mission Amarillo possible. It's a privilege to partner with you to love our neighbor and equip them for life!


Loving our neighbor; equipping for life,

Jeff Parsons

Executive Director

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