FamFest - Time of Fun and Family

April 25, 2022
Jeff Parsons
FamFest - Time of Fun and Family

Each year, as we get ready for FamFest, I always have the same concerns.

It is our spring fundraiser, so I tend to worry about whether it will make the money we need, will we have good attendance, and a host of other things that any non profit leader has to deal with. This year, I'm just as concerned with those things, but there is something more that God seems to be bringing to my attention. Maybe it's because we finally seem clear of the pandemic or maybe it's just the divisive nature of our culture right now, but more than anything, I want people who attend to have fun with their family. It seems like we all need a time of just enjoying the talent God has given the members of Monarch, letting the kids run wild through our Kidz Zone, enjoy a magic show by Brooks Boyett, allowing moms and dads the joy of casually shopping in our Vendor Village, and the fun of bidding on our Silent Auction.

All these things definitely help us raise the money to do what we do, but more than ever, I think we just need a time to enjoy! A time where nothing much matters than the moment we're in, allowing the concerns of life just to melt away for a few hours. I know that can sound like I'm over spiritualizing or emphasizing the impact of an outdoor event, but given all we've been through the last two years, that's honestly how I see it.

So, on Saturday, May 14, 11-2 at Sam Houston Park, bring your family, let the cares of the world disappear for a bit, and just enjoy yourself. I'll be there with a somewhat worried look on my face, working with our staff, board, and volunteers to make sure everything is in place....but eventually, my hope and prayer is to enjoy it every bit as much as you do. I think we all need it.

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