365 Dad Mentor Coaching Lesson #1

April 5, 2022
Jeff Parsons
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
365 Dad Mentor Coaching Lesson #1

Social Inequalities:

For this week's installment, I'd like you to click on the link below and watch the video. Many of you have already seen it, but I'd like you to indulge me and go through it again.

Here are some things I'd like you to notice about the video:

  1. As stated in the video, nothing that was mentioned was in the control of the person experiencing it. As Barry Switzer once said, "Some people were born on third base and act like they hit a triple." The circumstances we were born into and the associated advantages of it do not make us better than others, just more fortunate. Everyone is created in God's image and for His glory no matter the circumstances they were born into.
  2. The circumstances we grow up in affect our perspective on life. When someone experiences not knowing where their next meal will come from or having to move for the third time in four months, it has a profound impact on how they live and their perspective on life in general. Our attitude toward life, how positive we are, and how we experience events are all shaped by what we experienced growing up.
  3. Those who experienced privilege had no control over the circumstances they were born into and shouldn't be embarrassed by it or apologize for it. God gave some of us more access and privilege than others. That should humble us and motivate us to use those privileges to help those who don't have them. Let the circumstances you were born into generate gratitude and a heart to serve but not embarrassment or shame.
  4. No matter the starting point, everyone has to run their race. Life's not fair. Acknowledge the disadvantages one may have, but help them work toward overcoming them. It's important to be empathetic and show compassion but don't let that degrade into pity. The motto at Mission Amarillo is "Loving our neighbor, equipping for life." Understand what they're dealing with and equip them to be successful so they can run their own race.
  5. Not everyone is going to end their race in the same place. The finish line in this video represents the end of our lives. While we will all cross it eventually, our lives will look different from others running along side us. Knowing who they are and who God made them to be is one of the best gifts a person can receive to help them run their race the right way.
  6. How you run is what's most important. No matter what our bank account looks like or what type of work we do, how we live is what matters most. Mentorship is really just a means of discipleship. As you prepare your driver for life, teach him the ways of Jesus, always giving credit to Him. Pray that God will draw your driver to Himself and he will experience the perfect love of Christ.

Scripture for the week:

Now the goal of our instruction is love that comes from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith. - 1 Timothy 1:5

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