365 Dad Has Completed It's First Class

April 19, 2022
Jeff Parsons
365 Dad Has Completed It's First Class

We have just completed our 365 Dad class and it was an honor to be a part of. Instead of trying to explain the impact, I'll let our dads tell you:

365 Dad has made me a better man. My self care and self awareness has dramatically changed and I'm glad I took this course. It has made me who I am, I've been confident more than ever.
Since joining 365 Dad, I have learned the difference between being a dad and being a father, from paying attention to giving attention.
From balancing the life of my family for myself to balancing the life of my family FOR my family. Attending these classes helped me pay more attention to detail about how and when to react positively and become more proactive in my kids daily lives.
I've always been around my children and done the best I could, but finally being able to see things through the lens of my children helped me realize somethings that I either didn't know about myself, or just helped me tweek a little bit to tailor my parenting style to them.
I would really recommend this class to any and all men regardless of age or parental status, because it doesn't matter the age you are when you become a parent in your child(ren)'s life, parenting never stops.

When we say our mission statement is "Loving our neighbor, equipping for life", this is what we mean. In the case of 365 Dad, we are giving dads the tools to be the dads they need to be for their children. Along the way, we have communicated the love of Christ and how God is ultimately the best Father.

Please continue to pray for us! We hope to start a new class in May!

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