Shoe Closet

Shoe Collection

Thank you for collecting shoes for the Mission Amarillo shoe closet. Please strictly follow the guidelines below. This will help us best meet the needs of the students we serve:

  1. Please collect new or practically new (worn 3 or fewer times) athletic type shoes. We want the shoes to last as long as possible for each student. (We do not take dress shoes or sandals of any kind.)
  2. The sizes, category, and gender are provided on each card. These are the sizes we currently need most.
  3. If a half size is requested, please do not round up to a whole size. We try to provide shoes for students that fit and are comfortable, so we need the size requested. Many stores, like Walmart, stock very few half sizes. Inexpensive half sizes can be found at both Academy, Shoe Carnival, and Shoe Dept in Westgate Mall.
  4. Please collect only athletic type shoes that either tie or have Velcro. We cannot use slip on, sandals, boots, or dress shoes of any kind. These are the only pair of shoes these children will have, so we try to give them as good a pair as possible.

All of our shoes go to the schools in either Amarillo, Canyon, Bushland, River Road, or Highland Park, so when you help us, you’re helping kids who live in our area.

The pictures of the shoes on the opposite side of the cards are shoes students actually wore to school. The shoes you provide will help us replace shoes like these.

Thank you for thinking of Mission Amarillo and for collaborating with us to help those less fortunate in our community. Our shoe closet director, Jeff Parsons, will be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of the shoe cards and tree, if requested.

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