Frequently asked questions

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Course content for Qlikview Certification Training?

Qlikview Developer Topics

BI Concepts

Qlikview Architecture

Qlikview Folder Structure

Cross tables

Mapping tables

Different types of loads

Data relationships

Scripting considerations

Adding data from other sources

Edit Script

Data Source files

Creating the script

Structuring the script

Data structure of the loaded data

Generating Data in the Qlikview script

Qlikview data(QVD) files

Incremental load

Creating master calendar

Handling null values

Changing date and number formats

Qlikview Designer Topics

Qlikview security

Qlikview visualization

Other uses of expressions

The Qlikview script: Desktop Data


Reports and bookmarks

The list box

The table box

The multi box

The text object

Sheets and Sheet objects

The other sheet objects

Additional editing in the layout

Multi dimensional charts, pivot tables



Set analysis

What-if analysis

Qlikview Server concepts

What is the system requirement for Qlikview Course?

Any system with 4GB RAM and the i3 processor will work fine, However, we recommend using 8GB/i5 for better performance.

What are the Pre-Requisite for Qlikview Training?

There are no such pre-requisite for this course, but having knowledge of file type, SQL, RDBMS would be an added advantage.

What is the course fees for Corporate Qlikview Online and Classroom Training?

Please get in touch with our sales team to get the best rates with customized course topics as per your/company/project requirements. Email: info@spelkers.com Call/Whatsapp: 88308207448

How will I get best hands-on experience in Qlikview Training?

All the software and tools required to practice Qlikview tool will be installed on your local machine with the help of Spelkers Instructor to implement all real-life scenarios.

Who should attend Qlikview Data VisualizationTraining?

Qlikview is not any complex programming software that needed immense language programming ideas and skill. Non-IT Professionals, Developers, Non-BI Professionals, Data Analysts, Project Managers, Job seekers, Graduates can attend this course to shape their career in data analyst or business analyst field.

Will I get demo session?

Yes, Demo session is always free. Please get in touch with our corporate sales team to arrange demo session for your team. Email: info@spelkers.com Call/Whatsapp: 8830820748

What if I miss class?

All the session will be recorded properly ad it will be provided to participants for the lifetime access. However, You can always attend missed session in next live batch as per your convenience.

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