Facts for our Mentors:

Time Commitment: 

Once participants complete the first 12 weeks,    they will be assigned a mentor. Once              assigned a mentor, they will go through a                second 12 weeks of training. Mentors can either      attend this second12 weeks with their young            dad or stay in contact via phone.  Once the                second 12 weeks is completed, mentors will              meet their young dad in person at least twice a month for at least an hour each time. 

Mentoring objectives:

Each mentor must commit to helping our young dads: 

  • Maintain a consistent presence in their child's life

  • Help them obtain and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship with the child's mother. 

  • Pursue a career that will help them support their child long term.

  • Navigate life and the obstacles it will bring. 

  • Openly share the hope of Jesus as the opportunity arises. 

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Mentor requirements:

  • All of our mentors must be actively growing in their love and walk with the Lord in a local church community.

  • Have the time necessary to devote to mentoring a young dad. (2-3 hours per week)

  • Set an example of being a loving father and husband. 

  • Attend mentor orientation training and communicate regularly with the Director of 365 Dad about how things are going with your young dad. 

  • Be willing to stick with your young dad for the long haul, showing patience and a willingness to help him overcome the obstacles that he faces to become a 365 Dad. 

If you meet the requirements above, click on the button in the middle of the page to apply to be a mentor. Once that's completed, our director of 365 Dad will contact you about the next steps.