About Us

The philosophy of ministry of Mission Amarillo is to work through the church and other community organizations whenever possible. Many para-church organizations stand between the church and the mission field. Our hope is to position Mission Amarillo so that it becomes a resource the church and other community organizations can use to reach the mission field. For example, as we increased the number of schools who access our shoe closet, our hope is to recruit churches to deliver the shoes. Using the shoe closet in this way can become a church’s point of entry into a school, giving them the opportunity to find other ways their congregation can minister to the students and faculty there.

Mission Amarillo will play three roles to help churches with a missional heart reach out to the less fortunate in their communities:

1. Catalyst – From the inception of our apartment ministry, Multihousing Outreach, June 25, 2001, our goal has been to make the churches in Amarillo aware of the opportunity that exists to reach those who don’t know Christ. Mission Amarillo will continue to inform churches of the needs and opportunities that exist in the apartment communities and neighborhoods in the less affluent parts of Amarillo.

2. Resource – Through our Outreach Projects, our shoe closet, Driven, ministry partnerships, and new ministry development, we will provide the resources for churches to not only minister to those in need, but make disciples of those who don’t know Jesus.

3. Equipper – In order to effectively make disciples and address the issues caused by poverty, people need to be trained to deal with the different cultural perspectives they will encounter, how the dynamics of ministry in affordable housing and poverty stricken areas are different from the environment they are used to, and how a missional perspective will keep them encouraged in difficult times.

If you are interested in learning more about how your church or community organization can make disciples of the least of these in our area, contact Jeff Parsons, jeff@missionamarillo.org or (806) 236-3487. Our mailing address is Mission Amarillo, 2123 S Van Buren, Amarillo, TX 79109.